Monday, December 10, 2012

Ghiradelli Truffles Giveaway!

Here's another item for the "My Favorite Things Giveaway!" Ghiradelli Truffles..a whole bag!
You know what to do!

"Beauty is as beauty does"


  1. I LOVE most people :) I don't eat "cheap" chocolate..I don't mean price-wise, but made poorly...we've all had that waxy chunk of yuck! Ghiradelli and Lindt make some of the nicest chocolate that can be found almost everywhere.

    1. Yes they do! And Ferrero Rocher..I LOVE them!

  2. This must be a rhetorical question because there is no such thing as someone who does not like chocolate. If you do not like chocolate, then I do not like you. Its as simple as that.

  3. I do love chocolate, especially when I am eating it and my wife doesn't know. Forbidden chocolate is my one true mistress.


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