Friday, March 22, 2013

March DottieBox review-Just Launched!

You see that candle up there? That is the best candle I've ever had-well, did have. I used it up already. :(
It's by 1love Candles and the scent is "Butt Naked". Really. And it's the best smelling thing! I could smell it before I opened the box and while it was burning and THEN long after I killed it :(
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 photo 0a2c3b71-49c5-41ec-83ce-231f01490bba_zps07006f5c.jpg

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Hair Chalk!! Can't wait to try this! Will post  the results this weekend!
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I have an idea for my nails!

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Wine Charms-not really sure what I do with them ;)

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This is THE BOMB!! Read the ingredients!

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A Coffee Coozie- How adorable is that?!!

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About DottieBox- "Dottiebox LLC works hard every month to provide our customers with the best of the best in handmade. We have a very small team that works hard to find great artists to feature. We pack all boxes by hand and pay attention to detail. Dottiebox really believes in the products and people that we feature and our hope is that you will too!"

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"Beauty is as beauty does"
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