Monday, April 29, 2013

March 2013 Spice Box Review-Warning..It's Spicy!

Well, well wellllll...there are some closet addicts that read my blog and here you are! ;)

Spicy sent me a box to review, but it was so good that..I subscribed..yeah, I know- I have plenty of subscriptions already? But you need to see what you get in the box and compare the prices of the products to the store prices..I shop at the store alot and ..oh. Well, not a LOT..just..NEVERMIND!
The store is expensive to try.

With the box you get:

Spice Up Your Love Life!

Get monthly romantic surprises to your door, with Free and Discreet shipping. Spicy Subscriptions is the best and most convenient way to spice up your love life.
You'll receive a curated collection of Romance, Intimacy & Beauty products hand-picked from our Spice Shop. The Spice Box contains Romantic Gifts and an assortment of Intimate Items, Massage Oils, Sexy Lingerie, Romantic Fragrances and more!
Get the Premium Spice Box: $24.95/month-has 1 flirty item,1-2 full items,3-6 trial products
Get the Deluxe Spice Box: $34.95/month-has 1 DELUXE item,1-2 full size products,1 deluxe accessory, and 3-6 sample products.
AND if you use my promo code (mysbaddiction) you get EXTRA SAMPLES in your box! You want those-trust me.

These are the three samples I received.
O' MY Clitoral Pleasure Gel- Works like it says..please do follow directions! If you don't it could be..uncomfortable..

Gun Oil Gel-Yup, when the gun is oiled, it shoots smoother..need I say more?

Masque Oral Strips- The idea of these are to "mask" oral sex flavors. Well, it does that BUT to me, it. tasted. horrible! I like the smell and taste of my man. Sometimes it great to add yummy flavors and eat him like candy. But I had to go brush my teeth again first after using this strip! Maybe it was the flavor or just me.

Pipedream vibrating ring- Goes around the base of the man's penis. Has a vibrating bullet that can stimulate the woman as well if he hits right -or you shift just right ;) Prolongs the "session" by keeping blood in the penis...unless you're married to Loraina Bobbit.
Crazy Girl Diva Dust-This is a pheromone dust that is supposed to heighten your senses, and give the body a dusting of shimmery glow..oh and it  tastes good!
Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel-Cotton Candy
This was my favorite thing in the whole box! This can be for both partners. It's not numbing so it doesn't desensitize either partner. Just has a yummy cotton candy taste and provides smooth, slick lubrication without getting sticky! We LOVE to use it!

This was so exciting, that as I mentioned before, I subscribed. I cannot wait to get my next box. I ordered the DELUXE box!! Let's see how much better it is!

If you'd like to order one, I'd appreciate it if you used the promo code "mysbaddiction" and you'll get extra samples!
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