Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NaturalSkinShop is offering the Refinex Micro-Dermabrasion Pro Collagen Treatment for $29!! #bbloggers

Thought you would like to know that NaturalSkinShop is offering the Refinex Micro-Dermabrasion Pro Collagen Treatment for $29!! Save $59 for a limited time only. 

Immediate spa strength results for Tighter, Firmer Skin.
Smoother Texture, Clear Complexion and Collagen Boosting.

Amazing rejuvenation and skin enhancing treatment.

Microdermabrasion at-home is a great product to add to your skin care mix to boost results and allow other products to penetrate more deeply into the skin. Applying the Super Fruit Serum immediately after scrub will allow the serum to "drink in" to your skin for an amazing rejuvenation and youth boosting treatment.


26 Feb 2013
I am glad I decided to try this product. I wold never imagine that my face would feel and look so beautiful like it is now.
I can see the difference
26 Feb 2013
I have started using for about 3 weeks and I can tell the difference. My skin feels smoother and I have this beautiful glow. Amazing! I did not have any major concerns with my skin, was just looking for a improvement on the appearance. Now I am amazed.

love it
25 Feb 2013
i don't use much on my skin. these products have multiple benefits so I feel like I'm killing several birds with two stones. best buy!

Good buy
14 Feb 2013
So good makes my skin soft,smooth and when I apply the serum my skin obsorbs it nicely. My skin looks firmer. What's not to like!
Does what it says
1 Feb 2013
I really love this spa set it is a miracle. I use scrub twice a week and the serum daily. After applying the scrub. I apply a generous amount of serum on my forehead and mouth where my wrinkles tend be deeper and massage it into my skin for aound a minute. It's become an important part of my beauty regime and I have the results to prove it. 

"Beauty is as beauty does" 

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