Thursday, May 16, 2013

Who Wants a Graze Invite? Your first box is free!

Graze is new and space is very limited, but I can invite one lucky friend to join graze. It is still in Beta, therefore, you need an invite to join.The first one to sign up with this code gets it.


What is Graze?

Graze offers two boxes-
maximum variety - choose from over 90 of the tastiest natural nibbles choose from all their  foods
including yogurt dipped cranberries, rustic oat rolled flapjacks, cracked black pepper cashews & juicy dried fruit

low calorie snacking - over 50 healthy snacks to choose from our lowest calorie nibbles
They're all between 50-150 calories and much tastier than diet food.

You get a box every other week for $5 a box!
The food in your box is selected based on your own preferences. For each of their foods, you tell them whether you like, love, or would like to try them. They put together your box based on these ratings ensuring you always receive the food you like.

When you sign up to graze, you’ll be automatically signed up to receive a box every two weeks. They also offer the option of getting your box every week, or every four weeks (monthly). Boxes are delivered Monday to Saturday, every day of the year the USPS delivers mail.

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