Tuesday, June 25, 2013

FabFitFun Summer VIP Box-Exclusive Sneak Peek!

The New FabFitFun
VIP Box Is Here
Exclusive early reveal of what’s in the summer VIP Box!

OMG they’re back! No, I’m not talking about the synchronized dancing, frosted-tip-loving, now middle-aged ’90s boy bands — I’m talking about something so much better.

The new FabFitFun VIP Box is here and the must-have swag bag-inspired box is filled with everything you need to get ready for an amazeballs summer of fun!

With the help of the fabulous Giuliana Rancic, we’ve curated another amazing box filled with brilliant beauty products, fashionable finds, and glam goods that you won’t want to live without.

Although part of the fun is the surprise of opening them up each season, we are revealing two special, select items in the box!

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Catalina Su Lip Gloss: Say hello to your next summer romance and kiss boring lips goodbye with this shine-tastic lip gloss from Giuliana’s much-loved makeup artist, Catalina Su. Giuliana said, “My makeup bag is never without Catalina’s lip gloss. It has just enough color and shine to create the perf pout.”

Infinity Sun Glow on the Go: Get sunkissed skin safely with this all-natural, anti-aging, sunless aerosol featuring essential oils, antioxidants, and botanicals. “If you want a beautiful, bronzed glow all year long, Infinity is a must have,” Giuliana said.

Of course these are just the tip of the iceberg! The big, beautiful box is filled with great goodies valued at over $125 while retailing at just $49.99. This next box is going to blow you away!

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