Tuesday, June 18, 2013

June KLUTCHwomen's Box-Spa Staycation! 20% off coupon code!

Some much needed rest and relaxation
Need some time to relax and unwind?  Our June KLUTCHwomen's Box  may not be a 5-star spa, but it gets the job done. Packed with spa essentials to restore your mind and body, this little box delivers the pampering you deserve. 

Grab your white robe, throw on those slippers and set the mood with NYCMusic. NYCMusic {nice-music} provides psychological, meditative and healing compositions for resorts, spas, and yoga studios- and now your home!
Now that you have the relaxing jams, unroll that mat and tune into  YogaVibes. YogaVibes offers online videos of a variety of styles including Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, Forrest, and more. Regardless of your experience level, YogaVibes has a routine that will center your mind and rejuvenate your body.
While your body is enjoying its new supple state, treat your skin to 7th Heaven Naturals Mud Face Mask. 7th Heaven sources natural clays from around the world to help get your skin looking and feeling great. While your skin is getting the royal treatment, sip on Tea of a Kind to get your daily dose of powerful antioxidants or pour Immuno-Viva Defend + Energy into your water for a boost of immunity.

Feeling your stomach rumble while you wait for the mask to work its magic? Open a Happy Family Happy Squeeze to get your fruits and veggies fix in flavor combinations like Coconut Milk and Strawberry. These organic purees are great for cleanses and detoxes since they are packed with essential nutrients and easy to digest. 
Use this Spa Staycation as the catalyst to keep your body feeling and looking great for summer by paying extra attention to food labels and ingredients.

This month, we have stocked our boxes with two delicious thinkThin Products: Protein Chunky Peanut Butter Bar &  Crunch Coconut Bar. These bars are gluten free, contain no refined sugars and are non-GMO. Craving salty snacks? Try Goldbaums Pop Potato. These chips are gluten free,  and contain no MSG, trans fats, or cholesterol. 
Put Your Spa Staycation on the Calendar...You deserve it! 
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