Thursday, August 8, 2013

Klutch Club $1 Best Of Boxes! Sidewalk sale code!

KLUTCHclub's having their first-ever sidewalk sale, and lucky for you, it's completely digital. No pounding the pavement in search of deals here.  Act fast, though, because this sale ends on August 15!

Use code ZZSIDEWALKSALE for a Best of Box for just $1 -- that's over 90% off our regular price!

Brimming with $75+ worth of accessories, body care, skin care, healthy snacks, beverages, gift cards, and more, our Best of Box contains ours – and our member’s – favorite products. Based on our member’s feedback, we build each Best of Box to include the items that are most useful, most delicious, and all-around most awesome. Culled from each month’s top men’s, women’s, and mom’s products, our Best of Boxes are always evolving, so each box contains a different selection of items to look forward to.  

"Beauty is as beauty does" -->
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